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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Of Crop Circles and Mankind

The best laid plans, you know, gang aft aglay.

Do the best laid crop circles ever get made off-center?

I can't believe some of the crap I have to read about crop circles. And I have to read it written by what I consider to be bright, openly-considering minds who know something about the topic.

The current trend in beliefs tends toward this: They're all made by off-the-cuff but "practiced" human beings for psychologically strange reasons, human beings who pay farmers for the rights to come on their land and wreck their crops. These human beings might be under the influence of "Tulpas" or they might be under the influence of government black-ops.

We've got node-blowing and changes in growth rates of seedlings. We've got added hardiness (or, when the timing is right, consistent near-sterilization) and iron nodules and microwave radiation signatures. We've got expressions in cereal crops of the Beer-Lambert principle.

We have observations of the "spontaneous" formulation of crop circles within a half-hour's time and we have theories concerning plasma chemistry and physics introduced to account for the crop circles' existence put forth by none other than chemists and physicists. Human "fakers" just figure out how to create all of these complex and "weird" phenomena?

Are all ETs (who might well be the creators of all of the crop circles that are not demonstrably "fakes", that is, the works of human hands and feet) mere archetypal images in our minds? If they are, then how did they become originated in our minds?

There aren't any advanced entities who could be visiting us via any means who need to make disguised appearances. That is, there aren't any of them who need to force our minds into illusions about them being of "acceptable" shape and form, let alone is it a matter of their being "mere" archetypes. "Little green men" are not the continuance of "leprechauns" from Elizabethan and Victorian into modern and post-modern 20th century memes.

I know that I am getting patchy here, but can you see what I mean? Can you feel the sense of what I've knitted in my "wrong ended" threads of thought?

I'm sure I'll have more on this matter very soon. These I've written just comprise my "rough draft" of thoughts for the nonce.

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