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Friday, February 16, 2007

Close Encounters of a Telluric Kind

~Cincinnati, OH and Rancocas Woods, NJ, Summer 2006

Connie, in Cincinnati, and I, in Rancocas Woods, had a plethora of thoughts, feelings, experiences to catch up on after an accidental silence of 16 years. One missed telephone call, one message not taken by Connie's sister, and two lives flew apart on opposite trajectories. But the Net and Connie's diligence had brought us abruptly into contact once again. She had come upon my email address; as a writer, I can at times be Googled and found, and she had Googled my name now and again for several years.

I wrote her back. "I can say that I am no longer an even remotely Christian person (I suppose I never really was to start with). Indeed my thoughts returned, in force, several years ago to the concept of the Elder Race and/or Ancient Astronauts. In fact one of my novels is all about it. I study religions intensely still, but with no acceptance of any of them at all, pagan or otherwise."

Talk of an Elder Race upon the earth in the ancient days, talk of religions with words and images considered but which were permitted no rental space in our minds, breathed the breath of life into a story that Connie never told, but now had one of her life's dearest--and most eccentric--friends to receive.

One night about 10 years ago, Connie was sleeping, minding her own business, dreaming her dreams to herself, when suddenly those dreams were cut short by what she considered to be an invasive night-vision. Unlike most of her dreams, it was very vivid and clear. Connie found herself running into the yard of her house and stopping near the front porch in the budding, foggy light just before dawn (not dream-fog--at the time, she lived near a river and it was always foggy there in the morning). She had been following her niece, who was now running and hopping in the yard, pointing at the sky with frantic motions. Her husband was walking out onto the porch, looking up, so Connie, too, looked up, and saw an enormous disk of gold emerging over the treetops, filling the sky above their house.

She yelled for her niece to come into the house. Her husband said something Connie can no longer recall (it has been 10 years now, after all). Then her dream was over as suddenly as it had begun.

The next memory she had was of waking, but she woke with a start, the dream fresh in her mind. Her husband woke at the very same time, sat up in bed, and said, "I just had the most bizarre dream!"

He described his dream to his wife and it was exactly identical to hers, except that his perspective had been from the porch, looking down on his niece and wife, and he remembered the disk as silver, with the light of the rising sun on its belly. Every word spoken in Connie's dream he repeated back to her verbatim. The time of day and direction from which the disk came were identical in both persons' dreams. The order in which they came into the yard and the places where they were standing were identical, too.

Their niece was staying at their house that night, and when she woke they asked her if she remembered any dreams from the night before, but she did not (she was six at the time).

Connie would never have believed her husband if she had told him her dream and he had said he dreamed the same thing. He has a mind given to falling into fantasy, whereas she is much more practical; but she had told him nothing about her dream until he had already described it in full. She expected no one to believe her, and she certainly can't prove it, but she knows it can only be one of two things: she was either able to share dreams with her husband telepathically, or they had encountered a U.F.O.

She has never dreamed about a U.F.O. before or since that morning.

Upon reflection, I am certain that a U.F.O. contacted Connie's household and the electromagnetic energies were picked up by her and her then-husband. The reason for the very slight differences the two of them experienced in the dreamland perspective and U.F.O. color detail is, for me, simply that all people put their own interepretations, born from the stuff of their conscious mind with its subjective takes, into the forming of the audiovisual formatting of received information, information which is deliberately and/or by its very nature sent to the subconscious mind. I don't know if the contact was deliberately targeted at Connie and her household or if it was incidental. That is, she and her husband could have been in the path of a radiated swath of EM [electromagnetic] energy and there was nothing personal about it. "These events are extremely Tricksteresque; very hard to know in most circumstances what was targeted and what was collateral," I concluded in an email to her.

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Gwen M. Myers said...

If the theories of the Gods being an alien race are true, then could a certain percentage of the 'abductees' be tapping into the collective memory? We haven't truly unravelled the human genome, who knows what more the double helix has to trll us? Whitley Strieber's Alien Abduction writings further support your theories

My personal opinion (for what it is worth)leads me to agree with you as well.