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Monday, February 19, 2007


Someone read the following Sumerian text and concluded that Enlil had his own private stargate and that this stargate was contained within the E-Kur inside the city of Nibru (Nippur). An E-Kur was the god/dess' dwelling at the top of a ziggurat.

He has taken up residence in Nibru, the lofty bond between heaven and earth. [...] The front of the city is laden with terrible fearsomeness and radiance. [...] Its interior is a wide sea which knows no horizon. In its ...... glistening as a banner, the bonds and ancient divine powers are made perfect. [...] Its brickwork is red gold, its foundation is lapis lazuli. [...] Enlil , holy Urac is favoured with beauty for you; you are greatly suited for the Abzu, the holy throne ; you refresh yourself in the deep underworld, the holy chamber. Your presence spreads awesomeness over the E-kur, the shining temple, the lofty dwelling. [...] Its fearsomeness and radiance reach up to heaven, its shadow stretches over all the foreign lands, and its crenellation reaches up to the midst of heaven. [...] He alone is the prince of heaven, the dragon of the earth. [...] Enlil , your ingenuity takes one's breath away! By its nature it is like entangled threads which cannot be unraveled, crossed threads which the eye cannot follow. And this is from Enlil and Sud, another ancient sumerian text: At that time Enlil had not yet been given a wife in the E-kur; Ninlil's name was not yet famous in the Ki-ur. After travelling through Sumer and to the ends of the universe, he ......; in his search throughout the Land, Enlil, the Great Mountain, stopped at Erec. And one last one from "Enlil and Ninlil": Enlil approached the man of the Id-kura river of the underworld, the man-eating river.

Now...let's set the record straight.

The front of the city is laden with terrible fearsomeness and radiance...Its interior is a wide sea which knows no horizon.

The city of Nibru is what is referred to here. There is no mention of a stargate in the E-Kur. And Nibru does not contain this "wide sea" without a horizon: it is describing the very intererior of the city itself. "Its interior is..."

So. What you need to claim is that the city of Nibru, the "place of the crossing", was nothing but a giant stargate with a city wall around it. I'd love to know how that could have been, since Nibru (Nippur) was a very important religious center to the Sumerians, whom we know did not spend a great deal of time walking or sailing through stargates. But, this city would indeed have contained some high tech stuff that would blow human minds. Like, a whole bank of communications devices from end to end that could send messages through the "infinities" of space, and receive them, perhaps? And outer space was "the celestial waters" to the ancients. So, the intererior of the city of Nippur is receiving all these images and sounds and holograms and "VR" interactions from the depths and expanses of the celestial waters. The signals do not merely stop and start in Earth's atmosphere, they come from the great beyond (outer space). That place which is beyond the horizon. The "sea" (of super-advanced communications devices) within the walls of Nippur "knows no horizon".

It also does not say in the texts that Enlil has any "private stargate" at all. It says that he is "greatly suited" to enter the Abzu.

By the way--I am a proponent of at least some parts of the "stargate theories" such as those put forth by William Henry.

I am not at all a proponent of continued, and seemingly deliberate, misreadings of texts and images.

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