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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

End the End Times Already

Jesus Christ on a bike, but I am sick and tired of all the "End Times" blathering! UFOs are harbingers of doom, or they are figuring out how to implement an NWO , or they are demons in disguise (I've already done a Brant Rant that included some philippics about that concept).

Or, UFOs are more or less ignored as errors of perception or government black ops, and the Christian fundies get all Dispensationalist and talk about there being signs of the times--that is, End Times, the End of Days--everywhere you turn. I heard one Christian couple proselytizing to someone about how they are happy that the end times are nigh--they want Jesus to come back, to come sailing back in his spacecraft...um, I mean, "cloud"; yeah, that makes perfect sense...and if we have to go through this process of the present darkness and all these wicked deeds by big government and big money and all this death and depression, well, so what? JAIZUS is comin' back!

Then that sort of people typically goes off about the Rapture. If there even were going to be a literal, face-value set of events take place like that which is supposedly described in the Revelation, the Rapture is not found there. The Rapture was invented by a Scots woman named Margaret MacDonald in 1830. She told her belief to a couple of Christian church leaders, the Apostolic Edward Irving and John Nelson Darby of the Plymouth Brethren. They embellished the invention, said it was scriptural (funny how no-one in history had ever thought of it before if it is so scriptural), and promulgated the idea. Period.

The appeal of the Rapture is one of pride. Christians who study about the Rapture and become convinced that they know they'll be taken away before the Tribulations are haughty as hell and they know it. Then again, the Rapture also appeals to fear. "I'd better be squeaky clean or I won't be raptured, and then I'll have to suffer through the Tribulations, and then I won't know for sure how I'll be judged!" Ick. Ugh.

The UFO End Times thang means we're either being put back under the thumb of the Anunnaki, who are going to tell us, "put down your cell phone and pick up that pickaxe!", or that an earthly Paradise is going to be set up by them, with all major suffering eliminated by technology and super-high levels of self-awareness, and super abundant love (Does that include the "free love" of the 1960s and 1970s? Hey, Earth girls are easy!) for us, every one. Nobody who believes in that version of the End Times can prove which one of these scenarios is the correct one.

There are certainly many highly strange, and highly scary, things happening all around the world. But, there always have been. We just never had the media explosion before that we have now with the Net, cellular phones, and our ever-increasing collection of orbital satellites. Transfers of information move so fast now that many people feel they are being pulled under by the wake. People are stressed, and people collectively now have access to technologies and activities that greatly outstrip our collective wisdom. We also have fundie Islamics who want to murder and destroy everyone and everything that is not or won't convert to Islam with its sharia law.

We also have more misinformation about more things being promulgated--thanks to the Net. I love the Net, and I never want to see it restricted. All the same, it has become democratized, and that which becomes democratized inevitably becomes cheapened on the whole. There are too many blithering idiots on the Net now, and they have far too much of nothing to say. Remember, if you keep your mind sufficiently open, people will throw a hell of a lot of garbage into it. A mind is like a hand: one that cannot both open and close is broken.

If these end up being "End Times", it will only be because of our own doings. Yes, the Anameabi--those who when on Earth are the Anunnaki (same beings, different name)--are real. However, so are our own wills.

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