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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Burnt Offerings

Welcome back, sports fans!

So. What's going on with the cattle mutilations, hrm?

I would say that what I am most skeptical about with respect to cattle mutilations and ETs has to do with the common ET theories and speculations. What's so common about ETs? Nothing--nevertheless, there are common ET-cattle relationship theories amongst the topic's "intelligentsia".

There are those that say that ETs are taking tissue samples from the cows. Why they would need these things is beyond me, and why they would take the samples by using such brutal methods is even farther beyond me.

Then there's the idea that the ETs are doing all this, but disguising their activities in order to deliberately make it seem as if it's being done by humans with a secret agenda. Whenever I hear about ETs doing anything at all and then trying to cover themselves up by making their actions look like human actions, I cringe. They aren't going to do that. They won't need to do that. That's in the same vein as a fundamentalist babbling about the pagan god/desses or the Ancient Astronauts "really" being fallen angels who are trying to tell us they are something else. Pa-leeze! ETs can and will do whatever they want to do and do it straightforwardly.

Then why do they tend to stay away from us (assuming they are here)? Is that not disguising or at least hiding? No, I don't think so. I think they just go about doing what they do--minding their own beeswax. Sometimes the beeswax has something to do with a human being and then there's a close encounter of the third kind. But, typically, they are following their own trajectory. If you're a little child, you might get it into your head that when Daddy goes off to the office, he is hiding from you or trying to disguise his activities. But he's not doing either one of those things; he's going to the office for business reasons. You are too young, too immature, to understand what he does at the office. You're too young and immature to understand how he makes the car take him to the office, too. Our minds, here in the Space Age and the 21st Century C.E., are as little children's minds compared to the ET minds.

Then we have the theories about government black ops behind the cattle mutilating. They're testing some weaponry, or even seeing how people react to the madness. Maybe. The tricky part concerns how they do these things. Our government has to have some really super-advanced transportation technology that is tippy-top secret if it's the culprit. One cattle rancher and farmer out in Colorado says, "The grass around their legs was still upright, still tall. When an animal dies it usually thrashes around and disturbs the ground. This was like the cows had been gently laid down in the grass. Like they'd been lowered." He's talking about the mutilating of two of his cattle--both had parts of their faces, the exact same swath of face from the left cheek on each one of them, removed with some sharp, precision-cutting instrument. The sheriff investigated and said, "That grass breaks. It's easy to see a footprint. No one came anywhere near those cows. So I don't really know what happened."

Nevertheless, there have been police investigators who have concluded, independently of each other, that the mutilations are the results of covert government studies that aim to track diseases in livestock. Independent researcher Peter Jordan reached that conclusion through a remote viewing study he conducted in the late 1970s. A majority of his remote viewers perceived perfectly terrestrial light helicopters being unloaded from the backs of trucks by people wearing hazmat suits. They had a constant need for fresh animal samples for some reason. The "UFO" sightings that are almost always around the area of a recent mutilation are, in this scenario, deliberate mis-information being put out there by the black ops crews.

Although the god/desses do love their steak ("burnt offerings"), I think I have to go with human, all too human black ops for now.

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Gwen M. Myers said...

While the human factor is the most probable, it is also the most disturbing, in that ir points out how stupid and weak our 'leaders' believe we are.

Do we (as a species) really need to have falsehoods spoon-fed to us in seconds-long sound-bytes??

Are we so untrustworthy in the 'leaders' minds that we should not know the truth 'for our own good'?

Okay, off my soapbox and rant... for the moment!!