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Friday, March 30, 2007

You Can Make a Fortune in Lies

I cannot believe how pretensious, how obnoxiously pretensious, some people are. But I say that only rhetorically, because in fact I can believe it.

So, the mystery of how the Great Pyramids were built has once again been solved. Yes, of course. But of course by a French architect this time. Mais naturellement!

The slaves of the megalomaniacal pharaoh used little copper saws and, of course, ramps. Yeah. Not just one ramp, either. There were both an outer and an inner ramp.

It has already been determined that the ramp concept is ridiculous. The workers would have needed to use more material to build the ramps than they did to build the Pyramids. Get that through your thick skull, Frenchie (and the rest of you ramp-theorists, too).

If it is so obvious that ramps were used then why are there scientists and researchers who study the Pyramids who cannot conceive of the ramps? Why was there a theory posited several years ago now that says the Pyramids were built by using kites to lift the blocks? As crazy as that sounds (the theory was based on a hieroglyph and some minor tests that seemed to confirm that kites could carry heavy, heavy stone blocks for short ways upward given the right tensile leverage), it is just one of several theories that have had to be put forth because the conventional ramp-and-pulley theories are crap.

The idea that those blocks were hoisted up on ramps and fitted into place with such utter perfection by people using copper saws is ridiculous. That the Great Pyramids were even conceived by the Egyptians, given that their knowledge of mathematics was what it was, which has been determined to have been on about a modern fifth-grade level, is even more ridiculous. And, if they could build those two, why did they stop? History suggests that they forgot how to build them. WTF?

The machinest and honest man Christopher Dunn has been to the Pyramids and concluded that it's beyond even the shadow of a doubt that the Egyptians used power tools including something like a diamond-tipped drill in order to carve some things like the non-coffer in the main upper chamber of one of the Great Pyramids.

If it were a simple matter of ramps, then we would be building Great Pyramids now. Just because we could. Does nobody use their brains these days?

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