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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Worship of the Green Gods

I've made an open commentary to Judge Roy Bean (as he styles himself) with regards to his all- too predictable commentary (I had foreseen it) on a board attached to a well-written essay about that loonie fundamentaleftist in Manhattan who believes that mankind can live without making an impact--a net impact, anyway--on the Earth. Why would you want to do that? People truly are dis-eased, and so many have a death-wish, desiring to disappear. Or, they think they can walk on water (I'm using that phrase and image here as a metaphor for making no net impact on the Earth).

But back to Judge Roy. He preceded his silly Man-Made Global Warming polemic (albeit it was a brief one) by comparing the government figures and outspoken climate scientists who rant about how mankind is responsible for global warming to Incan high priests who were believed to be able to make the sun come back with their rituals and incantations. Beanie was using the "sun coming back" as a metaphor for steadily increasing global temperatures.

I despise superficiality even more than I despise stupidity. But I guess they walk hand in hand, most of the time.

"That said... you do realize you have just admitted that the warming is real, and is man-made?"

Ah, I knew that the religioso, Reverend Beanie, would not be able to resist posting!

Mark admitted no such thing, you twit. The evidence against man-made climate change (and yes, please, let's be accurate: it is climate change, not "global warming"; kind of like how Indians live in India and Native Americans live on the American continents) is overwhelming in fact. With every passing day and every newscast, the fanaticism of people like yourself becomes more and more rarefied and more and more set in relief against the clear-headed rationality of those who realize that "it's the sun, stupid" (just ask the Martians, who have no factories and make no CO2 emissions). You talk out of both sides of your mouth, like all religious fundamentalists.

The "High Priests of Global Warming" are ineffectual, but you have true religion, while they have mere "magic" (used in the disparaging sense of the word). And the green gods forbid that we faithless unbelievers discourage the faithful from attending to your message of fire and brimstone and sin and doomsday.

It's disgusting. I mean really.

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